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Data Integrity with Blockchain

Blockchain ensured data integrity. Here, question is that what is data integrity? Data integrity is a term which helps to stability on stored data. Also, it helps to an accuracy of data. Stability, consistency of data provide the validation and secure our data. That means stored data cannot be changed without any authorized make permission. Data consistency also refer to the transaction consistency.


Here, transaction consistency refers to the transaction of digital currency. So, how blockchain ensured for these all things. Blockchain technology uses Merkle tree. Merkle tree is helping to verify the large data in a secure manner. Bitcoin and Ethereum used this concept. How is Merkle tree work? Blockchain uses the blocks for a transaction and applies the hash method on these blocks. Merkle tree process similar to this but it's different from it. What makes it different? Merkle tree is used for the pairing of hash nodes. It follows this process until one hash is left. This last hash is known as root hash.


We will understand this with an example. Let's assume there are four transaction A, B, C, and D. These four transactions are stored in nodes A, B, C, and D. These all nodes are hashed. When these nodes are hashed then Merkle tree start pairing of these hashed. It will make a node Hash AB and Hash CD. Which are the combination of hash A, hash B, and hash C, hash D. At the last these two hash are paired and make a new hash. This is last hash known as Root Hash/ Merkle Root.


Merkle tree is applicable to the large set of data. It uses an SHA-2 algorithm for a hash function. It helps to integrate the data. Merkle tree reduces the size of memory which helps to make it fast. Merkle tree uses an SHA-2 which stands for a secure hash algorithm. This algorithm ensured that data has not been changed. Because it is a component of SSL certificate. With the help of Merkle tree, blockchain ensures for data integrity.


Blockchain basically used to secure the transaction. It secures our information to lose. Blockchain uses the Merkle tree which is a very useful technique to secure our transaction. Blockchain work on peer-to-peer network on the distributed system and it allow sharing data publicly. So security is the main concern in the blockchain. Blockchain uses the Merkle tree which provides the consistency of data in the transaction. Which ensure that our data is not modified during the transaction. It creates a single root hash which makes it possible.