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An Introduction of Blockchain as a Service or BaaS

BaaS stands for blockchain as a service. It is first invented by IBM and Microsoft. Baas is an introduced as a type of cloud services. Microsoft provide the services of Azure cloud for its datacenter. Which helps to manage and deploy the data. Cloud service of IBM is Bluemix Garage. Baas is a combination of these both cloud services. Which helps to build application, manage and deploy the data on its cloud.


How blockchain work on cloud? To run a blockchain node the IBM and Microsoft provide the cloud space. As blockchain works on cryptography techniques. So it applies these encryption methods when a user perform search query on stored data. As well as when user analysis, transaction and submission of data. Every blockchain node which runs on cloud is treated as BaaS node.


BaaS node is easy to drive the blockchain. Blockchain is a ledger which is used to maintain the information. It is easy to trace or can be accessed as publically. Also it works on decentralized network system. Hence, BaaS offers a business to test the services of blockchain. Service of blockchain means ledger for decentralized network. Cloud computing is a kind of computing services which widely used by IT companies like Google, IBM and Microsoft. These companies also provide their own cloud service to storage of the data. There are many benefits of cloud services like cost, speed and performance.


BaaS is just coming into existence and shows the future potential for a business. Blockchain technology is heavily promoted and offer the distributed ledger technology. Which helps to save the cost and time of a company. Microsoft Azure cloud provide the platform for BaaS. So that azure supports the distributed ledger technology for different cryptocurrencies.


BaaS works on cryptography which uses the encryption method to secure its transaction. It turns to make a good relation and create a hope that there data is securely stored. Also it provide the service of publicly access of data. Which helps the companies to share the information with its clients. BaaS is also used by amazon to running its cloud services.


Amazon use the AWS cloud service where AWS stands for amazon web services. Amazon uses the supply chain management technology of blockchain. Blockchain helps to link the nodes cryptographically, also contain the list of records. Cloud computing is such an amazing term which helps to store your data without the help of any hard disk. It can store your data over the internet.