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How Blockchain is related to Information Technology

How blockchain is related to information technology? Before this, what is an information technology? Information technology related to the facility of networking or software. It is used to store or retrieve the data. It also perform many other function on data. IT is an abbreviation form information technology. Now we will discuss how blockchain is related with information technology.  


Information technology can manipulate the data. It will help to organize the data. Blockchain is a public ledger which records the data. Also it provide the facility to access publically.


Things which relate Blockchain to Information Technology


Blockchain technology is based on decentralized network system. Which is used to share the information in a securely manner between these distributed system. As we know that information technology also a networking system. Centralized and decentralized networking is a part of IT networking system. That means blockchain is related to information technology. But, this is not only a reason which relate the blockchain with information technology.


Information Technology is not only networking system but it also perform some certain action which make it more important. It can manipulate or transmit of data. Also it perform function of grant and revoke of data. In blockchain technology provide the facility of transferring data with cryptography. Which ensure you for security and privacy of information. Blockchain make secure your transaction with encryption and decryption techniques.


Here is a term that blockchain perform some action on our data like transmission. There is a question is raised where it can be store? Blockchain used any database? Database is term which perform certain queries on data. Blockchain also have a database which allocated to every user. User can maintain and update the entries in database. Blockchain have a decentralized control on its database. It helps to overcome the risk of centralized control. Because in centralized database every person doesn't have access to control it. So it turns to risky as destroy of data.


Performance of decentralized database is good as comparison to centralized database. As well as it keep our data confident. Bitcoin blockchain give the permission of read and write. That’s the reason behind blockchain is user dependent technology. Blockchain plays a major role in information technology. It is a very secure way of transaction. As it used the cryptography technology. Blockchain technology provide the platform to run the cryptocurrencies. It will make easy the transaction of digital currencies. Also, it make the transaction secure.