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Blockchain Ready to go into Space with NASA and ESA

From past few months we are seeing that there are many fields blockchain is applicable. Some are utilizing it into education sector where some in logistics and some in management. In some recent days NASA came with a plan to make their sensor system better, more responsive and highly efficient. Same thing came up into the mind of ESA. For this they needed a better network to cooperate with their AI system. This was a bit of a challenge but now it isn't. There have found the solution in one of the most revolutionary technology, Blockchain.


NASA have published a presentation in which they have shown how blockchain is something beyond bitcoin. Jin Wei, an assistant professor at University of Akron made a research on NASA space exploration. She is in the department of Electrical and Computer. She saw a gap between AI and Sensor of space craft. She introduced a solution to fill this gap and here comes the blockchain into play.




The research was titled as “RNCP: A Resilient Networking and Computing Paradigm for NASA Space Exploration”. This is what brought NASA's attention to blockchain. NASA also rewarded her for this brilliant work with $333,000. Main objective of her research was to make secure, and decentralized data analytic infrastructure with cognitive network. NASA's presentation was with name “Bitcoin, Blockchains and Efficient Distributed Spacecraft Mission Control”. This was published last year on September 13th.


This practice will help them in improving the automation of sensors with the AI. Thomas Kacpura, “The objective here is the application of blockchain and distributed intelligence to our space and ground network communication assets.” That was all from NASA but ESA in not behind in this. They have also shown pretty good interest in blockchain applications for Space Exploration. Both ESA and NASA are working on distributed network.


Distributed Ledger Technology: Leveraging Blockchain for ESA’s Success” was the paper presented by the ESA. This started with explaining blockchain that goes up to explaining its value and then its application. It also pointed out challenges and where it can be applied to ESA. ESA’s presentation also explained Hashing in Cryptography with smart contract and its challenges in space application. ESA is going to test this into “The Space 4.0 Era”.


ESA have also explain all its application into a program The Era of Space 4.0. They have seen that blockchain in a big help in getting information of mission. Whereas smart contract can be used to control the supply chain. Not just these it can also maintain research data of virtual spacecraft and configuration settings. Blockchain is ready to take off into space with NASA and ESA program. Let's see what future beholds for them.