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Blockchain Course from RMIT University: First Open Course of Australia

There are many people who are not aware of what the blockchain actually is or does it works. Some people doesn't even know that anything like that really exist or not. But nothing to worry know. RMIT, an Australian University, has announced an open course that will help you understand what actually bitcoin is. This is an open course that is available online. So you can have access to it from wherever you want. Also it is short duration course that you can do easily.


RMIT have introduced this course under the name “Developing Blockchain Strategy”. For this course RMIT's Innovation Hub made collaboration with Accenture and Asian FinTech hub Stone & Chalk. Jason Potts is Director of Innovation Hub and he recently got interviewed by Business Insiders. In this interview he explained all about the course. This is 8 week course that anyone have access to learn about blockchain.


Understanding the blockchain is quite hard because it is recipe made from different technology. These technology are behind the reason why it is working this fine. This program not just going to help normal people what actually blockchain is it is a way to let investor and executives know what they are dealing with. Its applications not just ends here. This course will help them understand the business strategies and models. How they are working and they are affecting the market.


Blockchain is spreading its limits into many industries. All these industries are part of our daily life. It is just helping them in becoming better and better and innovation hub is been keeping eye on work of blockchain. There were into finding the last point of its limit but eventually it looks like it is going everywhere. Even education industry is not intact with it. This course will take off on March 19 this year. The price from entrance course is 1500AUD.


RMIT also said that 8 week are practically enough to learn about blockchain. This course is open for students, parents, executives or employees. Young generation have already seen its potential and to secure a job they are eager to learn blockchain. This course is about teaching the basics or zeros of blockchain. After learning them you will learn about applying them in real world. This course is like a dream for those who are into this technology in any way.


According to Helen Souness, CEO, RMIT Online, blockchain is going to play major role in all industries soon. Where business industries will be affected more than others. RMIT is ready to launch full body course in the September same year. As per the university Blockchain is not just an element of economy, business or finance word. It is going to be core member of society soon. Its implementation on social life is also going to be part of the study soon. Everyone is looking forward to blockchain. Soon they will understand the difference between blockchain and bitcoin too.