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Stop Your System from Mining Bitcoin without Your Knowledge

Mining a cryptocurrency is a way to make good revenue that can be used as a source of side income. This looks like you are preparing yourself for the future. No wonder it is an easy way to earn money but sometime it gets a little dirty. Because money and corruption are like two side of coin. Sometime there is money some time it is corruption. Use of the JavaScript is the way to start mining your CPU. This JS is built within the website. Some websites ask you if you are OK if they use your system for mining. But some are there who will not ask you that.


Yes you heard it right. There are some website who are legally mining coin asking its users. In exchange the user gets access to website without any ads. Some website even have offered membership to that website with some premium feature. This is the leverage here offered by these kind of websites. ESET and Malwarebytes made an early warning about this thing already. This kind of mining can also come from any malicious 3rd party software.


What is bad in mining coin?

Actually there is nothing that much harm in mining coin. But as mentioned earlier it become bad when corruption takes place. There are 2 kind of mining website or hosts. There are one who will ask you to start using your CPU for mining. There will be a proper request and asking of permission to allow them to mine coins through your computer. Then there is some who are attackers. They will attack your system with JS and infected malwares. Attackers uses trick of pop-under web page. This page keep on running even after the browser get close.


This attacking method is not a good thing. But even if you are allowing them to mine you are actually degrading life of your system. Not just life it will also affect performance of the system too. Try to avoid these type of website. But it comes in handy when you make deal in exchange of no-display of advertisements. It may sounds a win-win condition but actually it is not. You are offering a lot to them.


Time to learn how to block these miners.

So now you are not into any kind of mining. But how are you going to stop them. So there are 3 thing you can try.


Disable JS: First thing that you can do here is disable JS so that those site who are making pop-under to do mining or even asking you to do mining using your system. But it comes with a back-hole that is without JS, Facebook like white listed website will not run properly.


Web Extension: These are the best options you got here. Just add an extension and there will be no mining after that. You can whitelist some site to allow them mining but it is on you then. Top extension options are:


No Coin (Chrome/ Firefox/ Opera)

minerBlock (Chrome/ Firefox/ Opera)

Anti Miner (Chrome)

Coin-Hive Blocker (Chrome)


Anti-Malware Software: These extension may stop the website from mining but what if it software with problem. Anti-malware software will come handy in eliminating these kind of 3rd party software to eliminate them.