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Roller Coaster Ride of Bitcoin Through Out Years

Bitcoin one of the most popular product based on the blockchain. This was built on to make the transactions easy and flexible. Its price in not never controlled via any bank or any individual. This is one area that will always be protected with encryption. This encryption can only be decrypted with the help of blockchain network node system. In recent day bit coin price is like a roller coaster ride. At first this price increased as it is going nearly horizontal track. The highest height of this ride was near $17000 during November and December of 2017.


When the Ride Started:

Actually the ride started in 2011. A time when people were afraid of investing in it. As some wise man said that ‘Human is afraid if things that we can't understand’. Image of the bitcoin into the market was not that good. With only few exchange allowing bitcoin people were not ready to take that risk back then. So back then when the price were about to grow the value was $0.95. That was the time which actually made a peak graph back then. This was the first time when this much high peak was recorded. But nothing stays long. Mid-June, 2011 was the time of peak from $0.95 to $32. Nov. 2011 was the sad time for bitcoin. It got fall of 94% and reached $2 of price.


Ride in 2012:

Not that frightening but still 2012 ride came with fall of 49% approx. No investor had that much guts to make investment again. And everyone was sure that it is again going to touch that $32 price tag. But still from $4.5 to $7 was its first journey of 2012 but sadly it fall again in starting of February to $3.80.


Surprising April 2013:

It was an unsettled year for bitcoin. No one have thought that bitcoin will going to make above $32 but it proved them wrong. Bitcoin reached $49 in early 2013. Then there comes a time bitcoin got help from media and investors to grow again. Then in April it reached $220. This was a surprise for all but this is not the ending. As physics taught us, ‘Anything that goes up goes down too.’ But this it was not gravity. Bitcoin fell again by loss of 83% to $40.


Novembers of 2013 and 2017:

The support was still coming for Bitcoin from media and investors. November 2013 was the time when new peak was in building process. This late 2013 made a mark in Bitcoin's history by reaching $1200. From there keep on falling but in a bit slow pace. It reached $150 in beginning of 2015.


But then it was the time of 2016 when it started growing from $750. So many in investor grabbed the opportunity or made a risky move. They invested their money during 2016 and starting of 2017. And suddenly while coming to end of 2017 it started to go up. So from height of $5,900 it goes till $17,000. But as the January 2018 ended started it again fall back to $10753.18.


Bitcoin is a news making thing. Every year it have done something that makes it center of every news channel and entertainment source. This revolutionary product of blockchain is always a center of attraction for Investors.