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Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Will Hit near Zero Said Co Founder of Ethereum

Cryptocurrency have been a topic of talk from last few months. People have seen roller coasting change in price but it is really hard to predict this roller coaster. Many people have shown fear in investing in cryptocurrency and some are trusting it blindly. Investment with huge amount is really a big issue here. As we have seen big fall of 70% from its highest prize till today. But now it is recovering and reached near $10000. It have been hard to trust this fall and rise but there are few people who are good in knowing it.


Ethereum, one of the unique blockchain application is also not good with its price but still holding 2nd place. All this is due to the value it possess of $92.4 billion. When Ethereum reached to it maximum of $1300 that was $13 last year. But now with a fall and rise it have reached $930. These rice and fall have been seen in many currency price graph. There are some person who have said that cryptocurrency are going to fall to near zero anytime. One of them is Vitalik Buterin.


Don’t worry if you don't know Vitalik. He is co-founder of Ethereum Cryptocurrency. This 24 years old boy know how everything about Ethereum but still don't know how its price will behave in upcoming time. On Feb. 17, he said something as reminder to all crypto-users that to be aware that price may fall at any instance to near-zero. He also added that traditional assets are still best for making investment.


He suggested to crypto-investor take their money if it is so much into cryptocurrency. He said if you have that much money that you can't afford to lose then take it out. There is lot risk now. If you want to save your money then put your money into real and traditional assets. These traditional property will save you when the cryptocurrencies will fall to ground.


Not just Vitalik, a person at British's Financial Conduct Authority also said about fall in price of cryptocurrency and they might lose everything that they have invested in it. On other side one analyst said that there is a pattern that will appear in next 6 month and the price will go to double of current value. But whatever they are saying if Cryptocurrencies took another dive till the near zero of graph that will cost so much to the people. This price roller coaster is not a fun ride to enjoy, it may end with a dead end. So be careful with Crypto-ride.