What is it?

concertVR is the first blockchain based cross-platform marketplace for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment sector. CVT is designed as a standard utility token, running on ethereum, and will be used as cryptocurrency for purchasing concertVR services - alongside with bitcoin, ethereum and traditional (fiat) payment methods.

Official Explainer Video

concertVR Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20)
Team Location Germany
First Announced March 26, 2018

Main ICO Details

ICO Start Date Apr 15 | 10:00 am UTC
ICO End Date May 15 | 10:00 am UTC
Hard Cap 60,000 ETH
Total Supply 400.000.000 CVT
Investor Supply 220.000.000 CVT
ICO Conversion 1 CVT = 0.00015 ETH
Bonus Structure up to 17% bonus
Supply Distribution 55% Token Sale 10% Reserve Fund cvt held by the Company 18% Development And Maintenance Platform + Team Growth 12% Advisors 5% Reserved For Cooperations

Pre ICO Details

Registration Required
KYC Required
Pre-ICO Start Date Apr 2
Pre-ICO End Date Apr 6
Pre-ICO Hard Cap 1,200 ETH
Pre-ICO Conversion 1 CVT = 0.00015 ETH

concertVR Founding Team

Sebastian Deyle

Founder / CEO

Andreas Knuffmann

Co-Founder / CCO

Frank Zahn

Head of Development / CDO

Dennis Weidner

Advertisement & Community – Management

Stefan Schulz

Executive Board Advisor

Giovanni Cicivelli

Financial Advisor

Samuel Ewig

Social Media Management

Jan Mewes

Artist Acquisition

Winheller law firm

Legal / Tax