What is it?

The Zenome project is a decentralized blockchain-driven database of genomic information. This platform supports the possibility to manage your genomic data while maintaining privacy and ability to make a profit from selling access to different parts of the genome.

Official Explainer Video

Zenome Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20
Proof Type Not mineable
Team Location Russia
First Announced September 19, 2017

Main ICO Details

Pre-ICO Start Date Oct 17, 2017
Pre-ICO End Date Oct 24, 2017
Investor Supply 3,200,000 ZNA
Pre-ICO Conversion 1 ZNA =$ 0.30
Pre-ICO Bonus 25% for all if funding cap is reached

Pre ICO Details

Registration Required
KYC Required
ICO Start Date Feb 1
ICO End Date Feb 26
Soft Cap $150,000 USD
Hard Cap $1,708,096 USD
Total Supply 35,000,000 ZNA
ICO Conversion 1 ZNA = $0.6
Supply Distribution 45% Offered for sale 25% Reserved as long-term incentives 10% Zenome Foundation 10% Founders 6% Developers 4% Advisors and bounty

Zenome Founding Team

Founder, business

Founder, business

Nikolay Kulemin

Founder, bioinformatics

Vladimir Naumov

Genomic data scientist

Sergey Popov

Blockchain developer

Anastasia Gubina

Community manager