What is it?

Wixlar is a global decentralized digital currency based on the blockchain technology which is instant, secure, private and with low fee transactions. With Wixlar coins, you can buy and sell products or services online and offline. Wixlar offers more than 12 Services to the public such as: Wallets, Master Card, Exchanges, Smart Contract, Letter of Credit, Cloud Storage, E-Shop, Academy, Rewards, Partnerships, Lottery and Free-Lancing.

Official Explainer Video

Wixlar Details

Team Location Cyprus
First Announced April 2, 2018

Main ICO Details

Pre ICO Details

Registration Required
KYC Required
ICO Start Date Apr 15
ICO End Date Jun 30
Soft Cap 4,000,000 EUR
Hard Cap 15,000,000 EUR
Contribution Size Min: 100 EUR
Total Supply 5,330,000,000 WIX
Investor Supply 1,500,000,000 WIX
ICO Conversion Stage1: €1 = 100 WIX Stage2: €1 = 90 WIX Stage3: €1 = 80 WIX Stage4: €1 = 70 WIX Stage5: €1 = 60 WIX
Supply Distribution 30% Sale in the ICO 25% Future public sale 10% Wixlar Rewards 10% Wixlar Lottery Project 5% Wixlar E-shop Project 5% Future partnerships 15% Retained by the dev, marketing and community teams

Wixlar Founding Team

Alexis Thomas

Founder and CEO

S.J Song

Director/Representative in Asia & Russia

E.J. Chae

Sole Distributor in Asia

Mujaser Mamuti

Marketing and Outreach

Shane Harrington

Advising and Consulting

Marios Yiannakou

Financial Development

Sotiris Kattos

Media and Broadcasting

Christoforos Fekkas

Business Development