What is it?

RewardMob’s eSports platform and mobile loyalty program leverages the speed and security of the Waves Blockchain to bring game developers and players together in a more engaging way. The RMOB token is an incentive-based token that is the central currency of our platform. It will be the fuel that runs our competitive mobile gaming landscape and our Pay-to-Play multiplayer tournaments.

RewardMob Details

Blockchain Waves
Team Location Canada
First Announced January 29, 2018

Main ICO Details

ICO Start Date Mar 13
ICO End Date Mar 27
Hard Cap $20,000,000 US
Contribution Size Min: $20 / Max: $10k USD
Total Supply 3,000,000,000 RMOB
Investor Supply 1,092,000,000 RMOB
ICO Conversion 1 Ticket = $1 USD
Bonus Structure 50% First 5M Tickets 32% Next 5M Tickets 23% Next 5M Tickets 15% Next 5M Tickets
Supply Distribution 36.4% Game Pool 33.6% Loyalty Bonus Pool 10% Growth Reserve Tokens 20% RewardMob Company 20% RewardMob Company

RewardMob Founding Team

Todd Koch

Co-founder & CEO

Colin Bracey

Co-founder & CTO

Travis Kraft


Mark Walker

Director of Gaming

Alex Saunders

Software Developer

Tanner Steele

Software Developer

Marc Jansen

Blockchain Advisor

Guillermo Manzanares

Community Advisor & Management

Thomas Newman

Director of Gaming, Europe

Bryan Pellegrino

Co-Founder OpenToken, former CEO BuzzDraft Advisor SCIENCE, Shipchain