What is it?

loT blockchain solution for the global agriculture ecosystem. Pavo enables growers to make smarter, faster agricultural and business decisions based on real data. PavoCoin (PAVO) is an Ethereum token that enables cannabis market participants (such as growers, producers, innovators, retailers, and service providers) in our network to accept digital payments from their customers and community members and used inside our network as a mean of payment.

Official Explainer Video

Pavocoin Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20)
Team Location USA, Switzerland
First Announced March 31, 2018

Main ICO Details

ICO Start Date Jun 12
ICO End Date Jul 14
Soft Cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 65,000,000 USD
Contribution Size Min: 500 USD
Total Supply 200,000,000 PAVO
Investor Supply 100,000,000 PAVO
ICO Conversion 1 PAVO = 1 USD
Bonus Structure +25% bonus 06.12-06.16 +18% bonus 06.17-06.23 +11% bonus 06.24-06.30 +5% bonus 07.01-07.07 No Bonus 07.08-07.14
Supply Distribution Pre-sale tokens ICO Team, Partners/Advisors/Contactors Controlled Reserve Fund Community Reserve ICO Incentives and bounty Growers Reserve

Pre ICO Details

Registration Required
KYC Required
Pre-ICO Start Date Apr 12
Pre-ICO End Date Jun 11
Pre-ICO Bonus PHASE 1: 04.12-04.26 1$ + 45% bonus for 10k$ purchase OR 33% for 5k$ purchase PHASE 2: 04.27-06.11 33% for 5k$ purchase

Pavocoin Founding Team

Allan Young

Co-founder and Vice-Chairman

Erhan Cakmak

CEO & Co-Founder

Ari Gorman


Dave Dabbah


Atakan Cetinsoy

VP Product Management

David Howard

VP Corporate Strategy

Basir Momand

IT Sensor Engineering

Mike Booker

Chief Cultivator