What is it?

PM7 is decentralized innovative affiliate marketing platform, designed to radically change the advertising world for online and offline projects. The main idea of the platform is to reduce the distance between the creators of advanced projects and their customers, eliminating mediation of advertising, marketing and PR agencies and allow all participants in this process to create progressive and world-changing technologies.

Official Explainer Video

PM7 Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20)
Team Location London, UK
First Announced December 3, 2017

Main ICO Details

Pre ICO Details

Registration Required
KYC Required
ICO Start Date Dec 17, 2017
ICO End Date Mar 4
Contributors 1,388
Soft Cap Not specified
Hard Cap $12,500,000 USD
Contribution Size Min: 1 PM7 / Max: Unlimited
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 PM7
Investor Supply 500,000,000 PM7
ICO Conversion 1 PM7 = 0.05 USD
Bonus Structure 17.12.17-31.12.17 +40% 31.12.17-14.12.17 +15% 14.01.18-21.01.18 +13% 21.01.18-28.01.18 +11% 28.01.18-04.02.18 +9% 04.02.18-11.02.18 +7% 11.02.18-18.02.18 +5% 18.02.18-25.02.18 +3% 25.02.18-04.03.18+0%
Supply Distribution 50% Public participants 20% Company 15% Investors at the Seed Stage 13.6% Advisors and team 1.4% Bounty-program

PM7 Founding Team

Sergiy Krokhmal

Co-founder, CEO

Dominic Melo

Co-founder, Financial Expert

Vadym Yevtushenko

Co-founder, CTO

Nataliia Zaitseva

Operations Manager, Full Stack Developer

Danil Krokhmal

Full Stack Developer

Nick Kazakov LinkedIn

Blockchain Developer, Java Developer

Alexander Mokrousov

Blockchain Developer, Java, Scala Developer

Maxim Ovcharenko

IT infrastructure Engineer, UNIX Architect, Dev-Ops Engineer, Python Developer

Kirill Mukha

Mobile Developer

Alex Mashkov

Legal expert