What is it?

NeuroChain is an evolution of the Blockchain that integrates machine learning and AI to drastically improve the performance of distributed systems. It’s a technological platform specifically designed to carry collective AI applications .NeuroChain’s technology is based on years of extensive scientific research.

Official Explainer Video

Neurochain Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20)
Team Location Paris, France
First Announced February 22, 2018

Main ICO Details

Pre ICO Details

Registration Required
KYC Required
ICO Start Date Mar 19 | 8:00 am UTC
ICO End Date Apr 15
Hard Cap 30,000,000 EUR
Contribution Size Min: 0.1 ETH / Max: 2000 ETH
Total Supply 4,374,000,000 NCC
Investor Supply 395,000,000 NCC
ICO Conversion 1 NCC = 0.00018 ETH
Supply Distribution 15% Investors 70% Elected Bots 10% Founding Team & Advisors 3% Foundation 2% Seed

Neurochain Founding Team

Frédéric Goujon


Billal Chouli


Bruno Delahaye

CMO - Founding Partner

Rogier Van Der Wal

Sales Advisor

Patrice Guichard

Security Advisor

Guillaume Bailly


Maxim Irshkin

Scientific Manager

Maurizio Cacace

Technical Specialist

Talib Dbouk

Technical Specialist

Nicolas Van Eeckhout

Agnostic & Holistic Innovation Catalyst

Benjamin Mateo

Blockchain Architect

Luca Comisso

Research Fellow, Columbia University