What is it?

McFly.aero is a Technology and Business Incubator on the emerging urban air taxi market that incentivises companies and people work together to deliver more affordable urban flight sooner than possible and in more cities. McFLY Token serves as an incentive unit for participants of the Incubator’s community. Participants are committed to implement McFLY Token as core technology — a unit of measurement (how devices are used) and settlements (how their services are rewarded).

Official Explainer Video

McFly.aero Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20)
Team Location Russia
First Announced October 31, 2017

Main ICO Details

Pre ICO Details

Registration Required
KYC Required
ICO Start Date Apr 5
ICO End Date May 31
Total Supply 1,800,000,000 McFLY
Investor Supply 990,000,000 McFLY
ICO Conversion 1000 McFLY = 0.2 ETH
Supply Distribution 55% Crowdsale 15% Bilateral agreements, large token holders 9% Reserve 1% Airdrop 10% Team 5% Bounty 5% Advisors

McFly.aero Founding Team

Keith Teare

Advisor, Accelerated Digital Ventures, Executive Chairman

Toni Lane Casserly

Advisor, CULTU.RE, Founder

Sergey Borisov

Advisor, Commander, Test Pilot

Vicente Guallart

Guallart Architects, Founder

Alexander Borodich

Consotium, Universa.io, CEO

Alexander Kosachev

Consortium, IAMaero.io, CEO

Dr. Wan M. Hasni

Consortium, Farad.Energy, CEO

Eugene Shumilov

Consortium, Emercoin.com, CEO

Ilya Khanykov


Vladimir Salatov

Aircraft Design

Artem Kharchenko


Dmitriy Khizhinskiy