What is it?

A peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace. Using blockchain and smart contract as the infrastructure, it enables ordinary people to form and join distribution chains for their own custom creative products and to earn money. It dynamically generates an ongoing smart contract based proof-of-work product distribution chain, creating a trustworthy, mutually beneficial chain of services for product creation, customization, and distribution.

LookRev Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20)
Team Location USA
First Announced September 4, 2017

Main ICO Details

ICO Start Date Sep 8, 2017 | 3:00 pm UTC
ICO End Date Sep 30
Soft Cap $1,000,000 USD
Total Supply 2,000,0000,000 LOOK
Investor Supply 10,000,000 LOOK
ICO Conversion 1 ETH = 2,400 LOOK 1 LOOK ≈ $0.12
Supply Distribution 50% Founder 30% Team 8% Partnerships 2% Bounties 10% Advisor and Contributors

LookRev Founding Team

Grace Tang

Rain Maker and Developer

Chris King

Legal Advisor

Bok Khoo

Smart Contract Consultant

Roger Rapporport

Emerging Growth and Technology Advisor

Joseph Chow

Blockchain Advisor

Emerald Michael