What is it?

Holdvest is a new kind of blockchain investment platform that combines the best features of exchanges, brokerages, and instant trading apps. The platform is built around a liquidity aggregator connected to all major crypto exchanges, as well as its own internal decentralised exchange, enabling users to gain the best price for their trades from a single portal.

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Holdvest Details

Blockchain Waves
Team Location Russia
First Announced March 5, 2018

Main ICO Details

ICO Start Date Jun 27 | 12:00 am UTC
ICO End Date Jul 26 | 11:59 pm UTC
Soft Cap 500,000 USD
Hard Cap 5,000,000 USD
Total Supply 10,000,000 HDL
Investor Supply 8,200,000 HDL
ICO Conversion 1 HDL = 0.0001 BTC
Bonus Structure 25% Days 1-2 15% Days 3-7 10% Week 2 5% Week 3 0% Week 4
Supply Distribution 82% ICO* 10% Dev. Team 5% Partners & Early Investors 3% Bounties ---------- *Unsold tokens will be burned.

Pre ICO Details

Registration Required
KYC Required
Pre-ICO Start Date May 8 | 12:00 am UTC
Pre-ICO End Date Jun 7 | 11:59 pm UTC
Pre-ICO Hard Cap 5,000,000 USD
Pre-ICO Conversion 1 HDL = 0.000065 BTC
Pre-ICO Bonus 35%

Holdvest Founding Team

Registered Company Name Holdvest Ltd.

Registered Country Russia

Igor Pletenev


Alexey Koloskov

Blockchain and Technology Director

Maksym Lavrinenko


Vadim Lashkov

Project Manager

Dima Lebed

Lead Software Developer

Allen Artamonov

IT Project development