What is it?

Mutual gain is the philosophy of EvoChain's development process. Rather than a design model centered around an antagonistic mindset that puts crypto in the crosshairs of big banks, we've decided through careful reasoning that the best approach moving forward for all cryptocurrency is one that incorporates everyone's interests and presents a mutual benefit to all parties involved.

EvoChain Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20)
Team Location USA
First Announced April 16, 2018

Main ICO Details

Pre-ICO Start Date Apr 6
Pre-ICO End Date May 3
Contribution Size Min: 1,000 ETH
Investor Supply 303,150,000 ECHO
Pre-ICO Conversion 1 ETH = 4000 ECHO
Pre-ICO Bonus 20% April 6- April 13 10% April 14- April 21 5% April 14- May 3

Pre ICO Details

Registration Required
KYC Required
ICO Start Date Jun 1
ICO End Date Jul 9
Soft Cap 1,000 ETH
Hard Cap 75,787 ETH
Investor Supply 303,150,000 ECHO
ICO Conversion 1 ETH = 4,000 ECHO
Bonus Structure 20% June 1 - June 9 10% June 10 - June 17 5% June 18 - June 30 0% July 1 - July 9
Supply Distribution 94% Public 6% Team/ Advisors/ Partners ----------- *Unsold tokens will be burned.

EvoChain Founding Team

Joshua Smith


Matthew Long

Smart Contract Programmer

Brent Beeman


Joseph Maresca

Chief Marketing Officer

Spencer Lee


Daniel Bullington


Jiaqi Duan


Leo Hong


Raja Challagulla

Developer/Cybersecurity Engineer

Timothy Frantz


Sasha Singleton

Web Developer

Satyanarayana Pavuluri

Software Engineer