What is it?

Eristica is a revolutionary P2P-platform that drives participation in challenges and online competitions. The project was launched in 2015 and has already got more than 1.2 million users. The platform enables each participant to launch and accept challenges, provide video footage of challenges completed and get ratings based on the results.

Official Explainer Video

Eristica Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20)
Team Location Singapore
First Announced November 27, 2017

Main ICO Details

Pre-ICO Start Date Sep 1, 2017
Pre-ICO End Date Oct 16, 2017

Pre ICO Details

Registration Required
KYC Required
ICO Start Date Dec 7, 2017
ICO End Date Feb 7
Total Raised $3,205,227 USD
Contributors 5,093
Hard Cap $10,000,000 USD
Total Supply 687,575,392 ERT
Investor Supply 482,500,000 ERT
ICO Conversion 1 ERT = $0.02 USD
Supply Distribution 70.17% Public ICO 10.00% Challenge Fund 10.00% Eristica Team 9.83% ICO organization

Eristica Founding Team

Nikita Akimov


Valentina Ivashchenk


Artem Dalevich


Andrey Sheludchenko