Privacy Policy- ICO Market Cap for Cryptocurrency, List


This page is to clarify every details, policy or rules that we follow and want to share with you. We recommend every visitor of this website to never share your personal information on the website. If you agree to our terms and policy we want you to know that we collect information like name, email just to share information with our user and you are agreeing to this.

Collection of Information:

We collect information for betterment of the user experience and making our flexible and more useful for user. Also collecting users phone number to make more reliable and trusting connections.

Log Data:

We track every user activity happening on our website that by collecting information like IP, VPN and service provider. All this done due to security reasons and making website free of the spammers and cyber attackers.


The website is dynamic and all the information and features shared here are dependent on the cookies. These cookies are some file that browser will save in your device for better user experience. This include faster reload, smooth user experience and many real time feature. If you disable cookie usage then it will affect the functioning of the website.

Service Provider

We do not employ any third party company or service provider for anything. CryptoLoins have big team of developer, designers, analyzers, writers who can handle any problem regarding the website. If there is any changes you want us to suggest or any new feature, let us know by contacting us by Contact Us form.


We protect every user data we have with high level of encryption. We make sure that there will be no loss of data or personal information.


If there is any change made to the terms or policy we will let you know by updating all the changes here on this section. Change in the policy will come into action after 7 days of mentioning here. We will post changes with the date.


CryptoLoins declare here that we have no association with any coin, ICO, token, business, even or news posted or displayed on website. We share no relationship with them unless it is written or mentioned clearly. We are here to share only information of cryptocurrency market, ICO, Coins or news. These are not advices to any investor using our website. We are only sharing information not influencing you so any decision taken by you is your responsibility.

You will be fully responsible for fruit of that. Any loss in your investment is not on our head. Investing in a volatile asset with unstable price is a high risk. CryptoLoins is not accountable for any profit, loss, damage associated to your decision taken by reading any content on our website.